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Here is a collection of inspiring quotes from previous Silicon Beach event speakers.

Founder, Open For Ideas

Dave Birss

“Silicon Beach is always a highlight of my year. The standard of speakers is higher than just about any other conference. And the atmosphere is as informal as a primary school burping contest. That makes it a pretty special experience for everyone.“

Co-founder, Ada’s List

Anjali Ramachandran

“I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did at a beach that wasn’t in the Caribbean. Or Bali. Or, you know, somewhere else really tropical. But Silicon Beach in Bournemouth was indeed fun, and more importantly inspiring.“

Chief Executive, The Marketing Society

Gemma Greaves

“When I asked for the speaker brief, Matt simply said feel free to talk about anything you love. So I did – my son, having uncomfortable conversations and the power of bringing people together. I loved the refreshing and simple approach and it allowed me to be myself, be at my best and have fun with the audience.“

Founder, Formation London

Simon White

“Every year, Matt raises the level and calibre of the speakers he finds to talk at Silicon Beach. It gets better the more times you experience going, and unlike many conferences, it always feels fresh, exciting and intimate.“

Planning Director, Cello Signal

Phil Adams

“My advice? Attend both days. And even if you can commute from London, don’t. It is Glastonbury for the mind and there is much more to it than what happens on stage.“

Co-founder, Utopia

Daniele Fiandaca

“Silicon Beach is a breath of fresh seaside air. Gives you a fantastic opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of London and relax with some of the most interesting and inspiring thought leaders in the UK.“

Director of Human Focused Digital, Nexus Design

Pete Trainor

“Silicon Beach is like the digital conference equivalent of a box of Quality Streets. Brightly coloured and full of randomly assorted treats… it’s just a delightfully fun, irreverent few days. But mark my words, this is no flippant occasion… under the facade, no topic is off limits and no stone is unturned. You’ll laugh, cry, whoop and learn.“

Founder, Innovation People

Nicole Yershon

“I’ve been going to silicon beach since its early days – either as a delegate or 3 time speaker. Matt is able to pull together a wealth of experience, as well as genuinely kind thoughtful and interesting people – which means we all want to be there – to help share our part of an interesting world to many – including being educated and inspired myself by the other speakers and delegates – this isn’t a hierarchical event – everyone mixes in together.“

Co-founder, Utopia

Nadya Powell

“Silicon Beach is the most enjoyable event I speak at every time. There is no theme, no agenda, no pomp and no circumstance. Just bloody clever people talking about bat shit, brilliant, awesome stuff. Oh and the miles of beach help too.“

Founder, Wild Orange Media

Allister Frost

“Silicon Beach is more than a conference. It’s a space to think, dream and breathe, amidst inspiring speakers, intriguing ideas and boundless possibilities. Precious time, well spent.“

Executive Creative Director, Jack Morton Worldwide

Damian Ferrar

“Silicon Beach is a vibrant reflection of the man behind the experience, Matt Desmier. A surprising, thought provoking unconference, you’ll be left with an afterglow so strong you will be inspired to take action. To do more, learn more and be more.“

Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi

Richard Huntington

“I love every moment of Silicon Beach, it is the most mesmerising collision of people and ideas. There is a very real chance your mind will explode, but what a way to go.“

Senior Strategist & Innovation Lead, Livity

Felix Morgan

“Silicon Beach stands out as unique in a set of fairly homogenous UK festivals. The speakers are incredibly diverse, the topics strike a good balance between esoteric and practical, and hosting it in Bournemouth brings an exciting audience full of different perspectives. There’s a great community around the event, and if you allow it to happen you’ll make friends for life. Thoroughly recommended.“

Director of Innovation, HeyHuman

Dan Machen

“Speaking at Silicon Beached is so warm you’d swear you weren’t in Bournemouth. The audience is interested and interesting, a swash-buckling band of pirates and digital derring doers. It’s worth the trip alone just to see Matt’s unique brand of chaos somehow coalesce into one of the loveliest digital love-ins this side of SXSW.“

Managing Partner, Karmarama

Lawrence Weber

“The marketing world is full of conferences that purport to give you great insight, real inspiration and the chance to meet interesting and different people. Very few actually deliver, which is what makes Silicon Beach pretty unique.“

Founder, Creative Equals

Ali Hanan

“Inspiring speakers exploring the cutting-edge of digital thinking.“

Founder, I Can Make

Chris Thorpe

“It’s the mix of fabulously well curated talks from interesting people, good but not overwhelming social opportunities and the excellent “fish and chips by the beach” track which few conferences can rival.“

Founder, Seeper

Evan Grant

“Silicon Beach brings together passionate and interesting people from many fields. It’s like TED with a hangover and that’s a good thing!“

Head of Innovation, Brandwidth

Dean Johnson

“When anyone asks me to describe Silicon Beach, my answer is always ‘TED with swearing’. It delivers content as thought-provoking as the TED stage, yet is always quick to laugh at itself – leaving the audience inspired and entertained in equal measures.“

Head of Creative Agency Development, Twitter

Helen Lawrence

“I just wanted a conference where balls fly at my nose. And I got it. Brilliant.“

The Herdmeister

Mark Earls

“Can I come again?“