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September 28-29 2017

Announcing a further six new speakers for Silicon Beach 2016

July 13, 2016 by Silicon Beach

We’re delighted to announce a further six new speakers for Silicon Beach 2016.

First up is Marcus Brown, an experienced creative director who runs CreativeWalks in the Bavarian Alps. He helps business leaders devise exceptional brand and product ideas. (@MarcusJHBrown)
Look out for Royal College of Art graduate Lauren Bowker who creates amazing colour changing inks that react to stimuli such as heat, light, touch and even pollution. (@_seetheunseen)
Phil Adams, Planning Director at Blonde Digital who also writes ‘A Longing Look’ (Love letters to lyrics!). Phil’s day job involves work for brands such as IRN-BRU, Cadbury and Honda. (@Phil_Adams)
Don’t miss personal branding expert Adah Parris who is a speaker, workshop facilitator and consultant. Adah is fascinated with people, patterns and stories. (@AdahParris)
Damian Ferrar is Interbrand’s Executive Director of Brand Experience and he’ll be speaking about his groundbreaking work for the likes of Heineken, V&A and Unilever. (@Ferrar)
Last but by no means least, we have Mark Earls. A pioneering writer and consultant on marketing, communication and behaviour change. (@herdmeister)